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Kolokotronis’ Memoirs: An interactive theatrical documentary



Kolokotronis’ Memoirs: An interactive theatrical documentary

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27 July-16 August 2021

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The director, in collaboration with her research and artistic team, presents in the form of a documentary in the theatre the historical narrative dictated by Theodoros Kolokotronis to Georgios Tertsetis entitled “Narration of events of the Greek race from 1770 to 1836” and published after his death. The performance is based on new techniques of musical interaction and soundtrack with the use of new technologies. This text, arguably the leading and most important personal testimony of the 1821 Revolution, is being staged for the first time. The stage narrative places the chieftain, a symbol of the Greek Revolution, in a peculiar, imaginary, historical museum, as a living and present “exhibit”. Focusing on the theatricalised form of Kolokotronis’s speech, the play narrates his life and deeds, while at the same time the narrative is framed by soundtrack, live music, video art and live filming with the use of digital technology, in a continuous dialogue between the historical past, memory and uptake into the present.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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