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The veil of Zafeiritsa or Malakof and a fustanela



The veil of Zafeiritsa or Malakof and a fustanela


29 August 2021
30 August 2021
3 September 2021
4 September 2021
5 September 2021
6 September 2021
7 September 2021
18 December 2021

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The Black Theatre of Patras, marking the 1821 Revolution, has developed mainly in open spaces a popular spectacle based on a complex text, consisting of the “Dialogues” of Michail Chourmouzis and excerpts from other texts of the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary era, such as testimonies, prose, etc. The proposal elaborates all the documentary forms combining theatre, music, shadow play theatre, lyric song. Chourmouzis’ texts have a dynamic poetry while at the same time they are political manifestos aimed at anyone, Greek or foreign, who offends the principles of meritocracy, humanity, justice and of course the independence of the country, to which he devoted himself from young age . In the “Dialogues”, published in the newspaper Epochi tou Nafplio, the warrior’s pen stylises and names persons of public life, speaks openly against the new morals that are gradually introduced in the Bavarian court, satirises those who embrace fashions and other western customs, recalls heroic days and faces of the struggle, while the politician can be seen who will not allow bribery and the civil service mentality to develop for any reason. The coexistence of both different genres and styles, which will be based successively on lyric theatre, theatre, dance and shadow play theater, is the originality of the proposal.

(Edited and translated extract from article from Times News)

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