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"I, the truth:" Memoirs, memorandums, souvenirs, memories and stories



"I, the truth:" Memoirs, memorandums, souvenirs, memories and stories


30 Noevember 2021-30 April 2022

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Who wrote memoirs of the Revolution? Why did they write them? How did they participate in the struggle? How far were the writers from the events when they recalled and recorded them? What facts does each of them highlight? When are their works published? Utilising rare items from the foremost preservers of the historical memory in our country, such as the Parliament Library, the National History Museum, the Gennadius Library, the National Library, the National Gallery, etc., the exhibition attempts to respond multimodally to the above questions, documenting the social, cultural and political environment in which the people who memorialised the history of the struggle lived and redefined their lives. In this environment, the exhibition body of the 21 selected memoirs is presented, focusing on their first edition and focusing on the particularities of each, the micro-history of each work, his contribution to history, as well as their authors.

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