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3 September 2021

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The play takes place throughout the historical Greek Revolution, shortly before its beginning until after the liberation of the Greeks from the Turkish yoke. On two islands, Mykonos and Hydra, respectively, Manto Mavrogenous and Laskarina Bouboulina, two dynamic women with different personalities, with common characteristics, but incomparable courage, great love for the homeland and faith in God, which push them in their struggle for freedom. Despite their rare spiritual and mental gifts and their absolute willingness to give their lives for their beliefs and the freedom of their homeland, their struggle, apart from the objective difficulties it contains, will unfortunately become even more difficult, since as women, they also face the war of jealousy, rivalry, malice, gossip and intrigue, coming from their compatriots, which sometimes overwhelm them and sometimes strengthen and enliven them. A mutual friend and supporter of the two women, a priest, who often visits them, conveys news from all the cities of Greece, strengthens their faith, advises them and with his own incomparable speech, transmits their liberating values and influences them with his conversations the way they deal with their difficulties. Papa Nicholas connects these two women, transfers personal letters from one to the other and plants the same vision in their hearts. But it also hides a secret, which reveals it in the end. Next to these fearless fighters, in addition to the priest, there are other comrades and supporters. Dimitrios Ypsilantis for Manto and a captain for Laskarina, who have a decisive role in their lives. Sometimes they inspire them, sometimes they help them make meaningful decisions and sometimes they provoke a storm of reactions, which discourage them.

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