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Nikolaos Thiseas and his action in Larnaca in 1833



Nikolaos Thiseas and his action in Larnaca in 1833

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16 May 2021

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The Echo of Cyprus 1821-2021, in collaboration with important national, social and cultural institutions, organises a series of events, lectures and conferences to highlight the bicentenary of the national regeneration. The purpose of the lectures is to highlight the contribution of Cyprus to the struggle, as an integral part of Hellenism, as well as to highlight the bicentenary of the 1821 Revolution, as an occasion for national reconstruction and redefining of our course and our historical continuity, as well as paying tribute to those who shed their blood on the altar of the freedom of the nation. The speaker bases his presentation on four axes: the scene between 1821 and 1833, who was Thiseas, what events took place in 1833 and finally in the reflection for dialogue. He emphasises the active participation of Cypriot fighters in the Greek Revolution and mentions important figures of volunteers such as Thiseus, who stood out for his education, patriotism and his great contribution to the struggle. Finally, it refers to the political situation that prevailed in Cyprus in 1833 and to the three coordinated uprisings against the local government, due to the heavy taxation.

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