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The faith of the Greek revolutionaries in the Virgin Mary



The faith of the Greek revolutionaries in the Virgin Mary

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16 August 2021

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The Holy Metropolis of Fthiotida organises a series of anniversary events in honour and memory of the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution under the blessing and auspices of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece. The first speaker takes a look back from the pre-revolutionary years to the time of Kapodistrias to emphasise that in the difficult years of subjugation the struggling Greeks had a high religious feeling. He mentions some indicative cases that testify to the faith of the Greek revolutionaries in the person of the Virgin Mary, but also relevant stories and testimonies from the memoirs of the chiefs. Finally, it presents the important role played by the monasteries of Rumelia. The second speaker refers to the piety of the fighters who had placed their hope for freedom in the fighting general Panagia, while stressing that the start of the revolution on March 25 had been decided to combine freedom with Orthodoxy. Finally, it refers to the discovery of the icon of the Annunciation in Tinos on 30 January 1823, which was considered a miracle and a symbolic message that the Virgin Mary would help the struggle.

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