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Tripolitsa-Missolonghi. Siege and fall: Through the testimonies of the fighters



Tripolitsa-Missolonghi. Siege and fall: Through the testimonies of the fighters


07 March 2019


Thanos Veremis illuminates, by selecting and commenting on the words of the fighters themselves, two pivotal events of the Greek Revolution: the fall of the Ottoman administrative capital, Tripolitsa, to the Greeks, and the fall of Missolonghi to the Ottomans, which marked the end of the Revolution in western Central Greece.

The 1821 Uprising was mainly the work of Greeks in the service of the Ottoman ruler: the notables of the Peloponnese as part of the tax collection machine of the state, the armatoles of Rumelia as guards of the narrow passages of the hinterland, the higher clergy as political and spiritual representatives of the genus accountable to Sublime Porte.

The centuries-long Turkish rule did not alter the Greek language and the Orthodox faith. Thus it became possible for the events of Tripolitsa and Messolonghi to be recounted by a multitude of great and lesser scholars. Tertsetis and Spiliadis belong to this educated category, while to the more or less self-taught Ainian, Kasomoulis and Fotakos. The collections of testimonies for Tripolitsa and Missolonghi tell us about the fighters who held a pen as well as their weapons.

The book contains extracts from the following:
Dimitrios Ainian
Nikolaos K. Kasomoulis
Nikolaos Spiliadis
Georgios Tertsetis

(Edited and translated blurb from publisher’s website)

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