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Workshop: Fustanellas and sigounia



Workshop: Fustanellas and sigounia

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June-November 2021


The fourth of the workshops in the series of educational programs "Sheet Number 1821", addressed to the members of the Greek Libraries Network, is entitled "Fustanellas and Sigounia". It was created on the occasion of the album entitled "Journey to Athens and Constantinople", which consists of paintings by Louis Dupré and is included in the Special Collections of the National Library of Greece. It is a travel book about 19th-century Greece, a collection of portraits, landscapes, Greek and Ottoman costumes, historical and religious scenes. The purpose of this specific workshop is for the children to understand, through the study of the document, the value and symbolism of the traditional costume of both the fighters of the Greek Revolution and the ordinary everyday people of the time.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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Example of implementation of the workshop by the Koventareios Municipal Library of Kozani:

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