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The 1821 Revolution inspires us: Students create 200 years later



The 1821 Revolution inspires us: Students create 200 years later


8 June 2021


The students worked and collaborated with classmates from the same school but also from different schools who participate both in approved school activities programs and in separate actions of their schools and succeeded in highlighting heroes, personalities, battles, events and consequently the importance of the struggle for the conquest of freedom and the goods it offered to the subjugated Greeks. In the e-education activity, 10 schools took part with 15 activities and with a large number of student participants who, thanks to their creative abilities, presented excellent, innovative and imaginative creations such as digital presentations, digital videos of original scenarios, digital school articles of newspapers, painting of 1821 banners, e-books, creation of doodles, padlets, exhibition of paintings, representation of famous paintings as well as theatre-pedagogical activities and events, making this online event unique.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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