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How do (should) we remember 1821?



How do (should) we remember 1821?


28 June 2021


Those of us who recognize ourselves as Greeks know a lot about the 1821 Revolution. We know a lot, because we have read and heard about it at school, the institution responsible for the socialisation of the new younger members of our national community. What past students learned in their student years and what today’s students continue to learn constitute the dominant narrative about the 1821 Revolution, the official one. It is a narrative that is cognitively coherent and emotionally charged, but which is now far from the modern findings of historical research. When was this official school narrative formed? What are its essential points? Which of them stand up to modern historical research and which do not? And vice versa. Which parts of the narrative is missing from school history and why? An attempt will be made to give some valid answers to these questions. Answers, that are compatible with the modern orientations of history and pedagogy.

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