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The Greek Revolution through American eyes



The Greek Revolution through American eyes


30 March–15 October 2021

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"Under the direction of Dr Tom Papademetriou (Stockton University) and Dr Nicholas Ganson (Hellenic College), the exhibition “The Greek Revolution through the Eyes of the Americans”, explores the common issues in which Greece and the United States cooperated in the pursuit of world freedom. “The Greek Revolution through American Eyes” explores four topics: “Freedom or death: Greece in the era of revolutions”, “The sympathy for the Greeks of President Monroe: The roots of Greek victory and forging of the doctrine of non-intervention”, “The heat of the Greek revolution: American Philhellenes and the birth of international humanity”, and “400 Years of Slavery: Greek freedom and American defence of the abolitionist movement”. The natural exhibit consists of 24 large surfaces with informative material researched by 16 contributing scholars from the United States of America and Greece, the complete essays of which are included in the digital exhibition website, and will tour and be presented at universities and communities. cities of America.
The exhibition serves as a double lens that allows viewers, on the one hand, to see Greek revolutionary events and their significance through the written texts and actions of the Americans who supported and fought during the Greek Revolution and, on the other, to examine the formation of the United States of America during the first 50 years of the American nation through the events, foreign policy, and slavery that led America to its own civil war. "

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The Greek Revolution through American eyes (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

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