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Digital Archive 1821



Digital Archive 1821

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26 March-July 2021

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The 1821 Digital Archive is an innovative research project dedicated to the Greek Revolution implemented by the Humanities Research Centre (KEAE). Extending the traditional understanding of the Archive as a collection of documents, the 1821 Digital Archive contains, in addition to archival collections with documents, other evidence such as: visual material (artwork, objects of daily use, heirlooms, etc.), audio and audiovisual material (music and songs). The entire content of the 1821 Digital Archive comes from Greek and international archives, libraries, museums, private collections, universities, research centres. The design of the infrastructure, the association of evidence through search capabilities, the open nature of the project and the networking of institutions and researchers, make it a model project in the field of Digital Humanities. The exhibition of the Digital Archive 1821 in a physical space at the Benaki Museum was an installation that spatially interpreted both the idea of archiving and classification, as well as the dynamic narrative that emerged from the fragmentary approach to documents related to the Revolution. Three-dimensional frames within the space functioned as hubs that developed around a central organising seating and display surfaces of digital archive material around a meeting table. A three-dimensional canvas permeated the space and connected these elements, resulting in iconic words of a network of concepts and associations.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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1821 Digital Archive

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