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Crete 1821–1898: On the roads of the revolution



Crete 1821–1898: On the roads of the revolution


20 October–18 December 2021

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"The 1821 Greek Revolution 1821 marks for Crete a starting point of revolutionary movements and liberation processes that lasted for almost the entire 19th century, which through highs and lows, culminated in the dramatic events of 1897–1898 and the overthrow of Turkish rule on the island.
The Vikelaia Municipal Library, through an exhibition entitled “Crete 1821-1898: On the roads of the revolution” in the hall of Agios Markos Basilica, aspires to illuminate in an imaginary path the main revolutionary moments of this period from 1821 to 1898, leading the visitor on a journey with stops on the chronology of the main events. The approach of each revolutionary episode is supported by three levels of reception: (a) the macroscopic perception of the places of the drama through a videotaped image of space-geography and landscape, which will be projected as a background behind each point of the chronology, (b) the understanding the story and the historical recollection of the protagonists through short and comprehensible texts accompanying each episode, and (c) the projection in showcases of various material items of events (banners, seals, letters, weapons, clothing, documents).
The aim of the project, apart from the obvious bicentenary of the Greek Revolution, is to facilitate the public to get acquainted with the great historical capital of the Cretan revolutions, to consolidate the collective historical memory and to challenge historical quests and reflections to the wider social whole.
The exhibition presents exhibits from the collections of the Holy Monastery of Arkadi, Dimitris Skartsilakis, Georgios Balafoutis, while digital material has been donated from the collections of the National Historical Museum. "

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