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1821: Crete in the Greek Revolution (Rethymno)



1821: Crete in the Greek Revolution (Rethymno)


2 July–1 August 2021

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"Starting from the events of the late 18th century that raised the curtain for the world for the century of revolutions – American Independence and the French Revolution – this exhibition is organised in thematic sections that highlight the participation of Crete in the great Greek Revolution of 1821. Pre-revolutionary conditions in the Ottoman Empire, the local peculiarities, the preparation for the revolution on the island, the efforts to organise and connect Crete with the revolutionary authorities of Greece, the successes and failures of the revolutionaries and the effects of the turbulent decade of the 1820s on local society are documented with rich visual and iconographic material from the collections of the Historical Museum of Crete. The content is developed on printed surfaces hung on specially designed wooden structures and the visitor can extract additional information with the help of a digital app that is activated with QR codes. "

(Edited and translated description from Historical Museum of Crete website:

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