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Revolution '21: The exhibition



Revolution '21: The exhibition

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18 May 2021–31 March 2022

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"The central anniversary exhibition describes the entire historical period of the Greek Revolution and highlights its preparation, outbreak, spread and legacy through rare heirlooms and archival material. The exhibition focuses on the people who became heroes because they coped with exceptional circumstances, and on the social and ideological experiences that changed, before and after 1821, how the world was perceived. For the first time an anniversary exhibition for the struggle of 1821 is enriched with interactive educational exhibits, designed by the Institute of Informatics of the Institute of Technology and Research (FORTH). The interactive exhibit for Rigas’ Charta holds a special place among them. The digital tour aims both at the physical visitors of the exhibition and the online ones. Through 57 points of interest and 213 stories, which were gradually enriched, representative exhibits of the 7 sections of the exhibition are presented. Each exhibit is presented through images, texts (Greek, English) and sound. In addition, some of the exhibition points of interest are accessible for 360° virtual tour through the Tour Experience."

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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