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1821: Before and After



1821: Before and After

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3 March-7 November 2021

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"The Benaki Museum, in cooperation with the Bank of Greece, the National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank, presents a major anniversary exhibition to mark the bicentenary of the pivotal year in modern Greek history, 1821, the year when the revolution which resulted in the country’s independence was declared. More than a century of history (1770-1870) is unfolded through 1,200 objects. The narrative is based on exhibits from the collections of the three banks and the Benaki Museum. Loans have also been secured from important museums and private collections in Greece, France and the United Kingdom. Paintings, sculpture, personal items belonging to key revolutionaries, historic documents and heirlooms are arranged in three sections which bring to life the progress towards the national revolution, the events of the War of Independence and its conclusion, as well as the creation of the modern Greek state and its development and functioning during its first five decades."

(Edited and translated abstract from organiser’s website)

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1821 Before and after

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