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The contribution of medicine to the struggle for freedom of 1821



The contribution of medicine to the struggle for freedom of 1821

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15 February 2021

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The programme of the Parents’ School–Open University of Katerini for 2020–2021 includes talks by distinguished speakers to mark the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution. Academics, hierarchs, politicians, doctors, etc., from America, Russia, Greece, Cyprus and Mount Athos illustrate with their research aspects of the epic struggle to liberate Greece from Ottoman rule. The seventh event is dedicated to medicine during the revolution which drew on elements from the heritage of ancient Greek medicine, Hellenistic times and Byzantium. Medical care and health were of significant value to the fighters. The speaker mentions prominent doctors of the time who worked in metropolitan Greece, the Danube Principalities, the Ionian islands and Crete such as Mavrokordatos, Kolletis, Kapodistrias and Korais, who, in addition to being politicians, had studied medicine. He also refers to unknown doctors as well as hospitals and academies before and during the revolution.

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