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The American contribution to the struggle of 1821



The American contribution to the struggle of 1821


01 March 2021

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The program of the Parents’ School–Open University of Katerini for 2020-2021 includes talks by distinguished speakers to mark the bicentenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution. Academics, hierarchs, politicians, doctors, etc. from America, Russia, Greece, Cyprus and Mount Athos illustrate with their research aspects of the epic struggle to liberate Greece from the Ottoman yoke. The purpose of the ninth event is to highlight the contribution of philhellene Americans to the National Struggle for the liberation of the homeland from the Ottoman yoke, a humanitarian, economic and personal contribution that was considered particularly valuable as Edward Everett, Jonathan Peckham Miller, Samuel Gridley Howe. Also representatives of the Romantic movement, mainly Percival, Halek and Lydia Harlek, strongly supported the national struggle of ​​the Greeks. Through their art, moving poems and the sending of aid to Greece they contributed, both intellectually and materially, to the encouragement and practical support of the Greek revolutionaries.

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