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10 June–12 June 2021
11 September–31 December 2021

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"The fruit of Lord Byron’s failed marriage to Annabella Milbanke and expelled from home, alongside her mother, at the age of only five weeks, Ada Lovelace never had a relationship with her father, who definitively abandoned England only three months later, in the midst of unbridled scandalmongering. This didn’t prevent Byron’s only legitimate child from developing her own autonomous and fascinating personality. Discouraged from any interest in poetry and poets, the young Ada cultivated her mathematical skills to explore “the hidden world around us”. She drew flying machines at the age of 12, published a pioneering algorithm, widely considered the first computer programme in history, for Charles Babbage’s “Analytical Engine” and envisaged early the extended potentialities of computers in fields such as musical harmony and composition. Based on the historical testimonies on her life and work, as well as on the repentant Byron’s subsequent letters and poems about his abandoned daughter, the prolific new music virtuoso Yannis Kyriakides gives voice to this unique historical figure – with her equally colourful, “Byronic” personal life – in a work of multimedia music theatre that showcases and draws on the implications of her pioneering scientific research. "
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