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Pilgrimages. To Glory: French Philhellene Serviceman



Pilgrimages. To Glory: French Philhellene Serviceman

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6 July 2021

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"A musical narrative tribute to that special category of Greeks who travelled from Europe and America to side with the rebellious Greeks. The poetic dystopian look of a French philhellene serviceman on the war. Through the landscape of war, he sees the “nightmare of human destiny”. War takes over human existence, forcing it to dance in a storm of death, torture and misery. Women, men and children, all swirl in this eternal storm of destiny. The dramaturgy of this original musical-theatrical work is based on real biographical elements which were used for the writing of theatrical texts with a strong fictional element. The musical investment of the texts was composed based on references to both folk songs, thus keeping the Greek element, as well as to classical works, of the same or older date with the narrations of the characters. In the narration “In Glory” the songs used are “Dance of Zalongos” and “Lacrimosa” from the Requiem of the W.A. Mozart."
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