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Jannis Psychopedis: Heroes of '21



Jannis Psychopedis: Heroes of '21

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17 July–31 October 2021

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From the Benaki Museum website: "Jannis Psychopedis’ exhibition entitled “Figures of ’21” includes paintings, engravings and drawings. It represents the artist’s most recent work, created during the long months of the lockdown, inspired by thoughts and contemplations triggered and brought creatively into being by the centenary of the 1821 Greek Revolution. This exhibition provides, through a wealth of diverse techniques, the very first view of a unique visual gallery of portraits of the fighters of 1821. Alongside the series of paintings and engravings under the title “Fighters of ‘21”, the exhibition also includes works predating the anniversary, as well as drawings and compositions on the subject of Lord Byron, the philhellenes and the members of the Philiki Etaireia. His paint brush, his chisel and his pencil painted, etched and drew the figures of ’21 and usher the personalities of the past into the present day, through bold, bright colours and through the severity that the black-and-white print of the woodcut lends the image".

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