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Performing arts and 1821: Ideas for educational approaches



Performing arts and 1821: Ideas for educational approaches


3 April 2021


Teacher Evangelia Kantartzi proposes ways of using the performing arts in educational activities for the Greek Revolution. She refers to the theme of music and specifically to klephtic folk songs. After presenting their basic features, as recorded by their lead researcher Claude Fauriel, she attempts to combine their themes and content with folk art illustrations. She then refers to two applications, created by teachers, for finding and classifying folk songs. The next part of the webinar is dedicated to the art of dance, in which the speaker proposes ways to connect traditional dances that are included in the curricula with the theme of the revolution. The last part refers to theatre: first, Kantartzi suggests ways of utilising the techniques of educational drama, such as those of still images, hot seating, conscience alley, collective roles, role on the wall. Moreover, the speaker underlines on how a theatrical performance could be used in the educational process, not omitting the variations of puppetry or the shadow theatre also known as Karagiozis.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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