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Sartorial habits, fashion and body just before the revolution



Sartorial habits, fashion and body just before the revolution


28 January 2021


The words “clothing”, “fashion” and “revolution” may be considered, even subconsciously so, contradictory, since looking back at critical historical periods one could assume that the times were unfit for such preoccupations as clothing preferences. Nonetheless, clothing is an inextricable part of everyday life. But how does one approach and analyse dressing evidence from such turbulent time periods? Could one talk about “fashion” regarding the costumes and the other dressing habits of early nineteenth-century Greece? Is it possible to go forward with such an examination overlooking the notion of “traditional costume”? What kind of evidence can one draw from and how does one approach the dressing habits of that era today? Finally, what does one find out learning about dressing habits? Taking into consideration the unbreakable bond between body and clothing, could one learn about the body by examining clothing? Moreover, could one make certain conclusions about the subjectivities and the way that history is experienced through the body, by studying the peculiar forms that clothing takes in each historical period?

(Edited and translated description of the event, as it was published on Facebook)

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Third lecture of the lecture series: "2021/1821: Dialogues in the digital era".

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