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The Greek Revolution, 1821-1830



The Greek Revolution, 1821-1830


June 2021


Based on extensive archival research, this book analyses the historical dynamics towards the Greek Revolution, the revolutionary war and its political significance, the establishment of political freedom, equality and popular sovereignty, the ideological components of the struggle, the social composition of the leaderships and fighters, the strategy followed by the Greek leaders vis a vis the European powers and, conversely, the methodical reaction of the Ottoman state and the responses of the Greeks. It is a revolution with mass popular participation, which strongly echoed its ideological and geopolitical significance throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Excerpts from texts of the time allow the reader to more easily perceive the spirit of fighters, ordinary anonymous people and leaders. The book is a scientific historiographic proposal which seeks to contribute to the rational and critical historical consciousness of today’s Greek citizens. So let's take a look at the years of the 1821 Revolution.

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