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Andreas Kalvos: Unsmiling child of a goddess with many children



Andreas Kalvos: Unsmiling child of a goddess with many children


16-17 October 2021

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Andreas Kalvos was shocked by the struggle of the Greeks, kilometres away from his homeland, but favourably and distanced himself from the discord that plagued the ranks of the revolutionaries (whose days and works were slow to be revealed to us and is even part of them today a mystery and a challenge for his researchers), he dreams, writes and praises the ideal of Greece: of virtue, of courage, of unity, of bravery and of deeds. He fights with his pen for the ideal of freedom, which is also for the highest good itself, for which every sacrifice is worth as he often mentions, sometimes praising the heroes, sometimes mourning for the innocent victims, always succeeding against the tyrants but above all urging for the continuation of the Struggle. The National Theatre of Northern Greece, honouring the poet of the 1821 Revolution, opens the curtain in glory on Souli, on the Sacred Band, on Psara and not only, to unite its voice with it and to repeat poetically and literally that “Freedom wants virtue and boldness.”

(Edited and translated description from e-Dimitria website)

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