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Neohellenic poetry and the 1821 Revolution: In conversation with history



Neohellenic poetry and the 1821 Revolution: In conversation with history




This book explores how the major historical event of the Greek Revolution was captured in modern Greek poetry. The study of the long period of two hundred years from the beginning of the struggle to the present day highlights the different, sometimes unexpected, approaches to the poetic denaturation of historical material and the processes of mythologizing persons, events and places.

Literature has a special role in preserving the national memory, hence the poetry about the revolution, part of the overall narrative of the Greek Revolution, in addition to praising and recalling this great event, dealt with episodes and figures of the struggle in a way that forms examples of practical militant action and heroism for the modern struggles of the Greeks. The poetic discourse on the Greek Revolution, a deeply political discourse, remained strong regardless of the historical and social conditions and the artistic values, promoting the dialogue of the past with the present because it managed not only to attach diachronic importance to the events of the Greek national uprising, but also to contribute to the understanding and appreciation of other, newer national, historical, political, social and even existential events.

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