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The philhellenic movement during the Greek Revolution



The philhellenic movement during the Greek Revolution

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26 March 2021

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In the context of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution and under the auspices of the Greece 2021 Committee, the General Secretariat of Public Diplomacy and Hellenism Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the Education Office at the Consulate General of Greece in Johannesburg and the Saheti School is organising an online conference on the topic “The Philhellenic movement during the Greek Revolution”. Various dignitaries address the event. The talks include talks by Panagiotis Passas on “Enlightenment, Romanticism and Philhellenism: Influences and Convergences”, Georgios Vlachos on “The imprint of the Philhellenic movement during the Greek Revolution”, Nelly Zafeiriades and Eleni Grigoriou on “Philhellenism and National Independence: The Role of Women”, Stella Karagianni and Kaloudis Mitiloudis on “Philhellenism in its European dimension. The cases of France and England”, Eleni Koletti and Dionysia Nikolopoulou on “Lord Byron, the philhellenic selfless hero”, Demosthenes Axios on “The Greek Revolution, a source of inspiration for Victor Hugo”, Dimitrios Stergiou on “The contribution of J.G. Eynard in revolutionary Greece”, Argyro Segou Yagou on “Philhellenism in European literature” and Apostolos Michalopoulos on “Eugene Delacroix: The Romantic Philhellenic Painter of the Greek Revolution”. The event also includes performances of traditional Greek dance and song.

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