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“Bicentenary of the liberal revolution” podcast, episode 17: Aristides Hatzis with Konstantina Botsiou and Sotiris Rizas



“Bicentenary of the liberal revolution” podcast, episode 17: Aristides Hatzis with Konstantina Botsiou and Sotiris Rizas


09 March 2022


In the 17th podcast in the Centre for Liberal Studies (KEFiM) series “Bicentenary of the Liberal Revolution”, Aristides Hatzis hosts Konstantina Botsiou, professor of political history and international relations at the University of Piraeus, and Sotiris Rizas, director of research at the research centre for medieval and modern Hellenism of the Academy of Athens.

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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The subject of the discussion is the collective volume which was edited by the two guests entitled "1821: From the Revolution to the State". Thus the conversation revolved around the establishment of the Greek state, the expectations of the revolution that were achieved (such as the creation of an independent state) but also those that were denied (the state’s size) resulting in the prevalence of the Great Idea from the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th. In addition, another issue that is analyzed is the involvement of the Great Powers in the Eastern Question in general, and in particular to the Greek Great Idea and the territorial gains in the Balkans which were achieved by the Greek state through diplomacy. The issue of Greek citizenship is discussed as well, and how the content of the term changed during the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition, the institutional changes carried out in the Greek state are mentioned, which, on the one hand had a liberal and parliamentary character, on the other hand, however, with a strong element of control of the representation in Parliament by the (political) elite, especially during the era of the monarchs. More specifically, the relationship between parliamentarism and monarchy in Greece is analyzed. Finally, other topics include the delay in the appearance of socialism in Greece, the relationship between liberalism and nationalism, the various modernizing reforms in the Greek state, as well as the organization of the army and the war preparations during the war period.

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