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The international impact of the 1821 Revolution



The international impact of the 1821 Revolution


30 September 2021


The purpose of this lecture is to see the 1821 Revolution as a dynamic element of change, at a time when history was turning a page and the world was entering a new era. Let’s see it as a catalyst for change, not only in the Mediterranean nerve centre, but also across the oceans, not only in its time, but also in the decades that followed. The starting point is that the Napoleonic Wars had the extent and dynamic of a world war. They therefore shook the state system of Europe, both in terms of its external architecture and in terms of the internal cohesion of each state. All kinds of communities and local authorities claimed a redistribution of power and sovereignty, almost everywhere in Europe, and of course in the vast territories of the Ottoman Empire that spanned three continents as well. The Greek revolution broke out on this seismic fault. It was part of it. It drew energy from this and its success and worldwide recognition is due to this to a large extent.

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