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1821 Digital Archive



1821 Digital Archive

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1821 Digital Archive - Bodossaki Lectures on Demand


1 July 2021


Up until a few years ago, the concept of an archive was directly related to the space in which it was kept: rooms, shelves, storage boxes and folders are what first came to mind. The digital condition challenges us to think about new ways in which we now organise files, many times without realising it: every day, through our computers and mobile devices, we organize files of messages, photos, of our digital books. By what criteria, then, does one compile a historical archive today in order to include original evidence from the historical event it commemorates, as well as many others? How does a non-specialist “browse” and how does a researcher search? What readings does this interplay of evidence of a different nature allow? How is the experience of the “visit” shared?

On the occasion of the research project 1821 Digital Archive and the exhibition of the same name at the Benaki Museum, Ada Dialla (scientific director of the project) and Alexandros Psychoulis (visual curator of the platform and the exhibition) discuss the unexpected ways that art and science interact in the design and implementation of a research programme concerning the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution: how do we design a space for historical memory in 2021, what is the role of interdisciplinarity in these inquiries, and how do we manage today the tension between material and digital space, which is becoming increasingly charged in our time?

(Edited and translated description from organiser’s website)

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1821 Digital Archive

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