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Apo petra kai chrono (From stone and time)



Apo petra kai chrono (From stone and time)

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The new episodes of the series Apo petra kai chrono (From stone and time) are dedicated to key places where important battles took place in the 1821 Revolution. The series incorporates in its theme, on the occasion of the bicentenary of Greece’s national rebirth, settlements and areas, where stone and time stop at the great facts of 1821 and pay a minimal tribute to the heroic years of the great uprising. Two hundred years have passed since then, but the memory goes back to reviving the sacrifices of those warlords who gave us the precious good of Freedom. ERT honours the fighters and pushes us to a creative reflection. The show visited and tracked areas and settlements such as Livadia, the passage of the Basilicas where the Greeks stopped Behram Pasha to come down to help the besieged Turks in Tripoli, Mendenitsa with its famous castle, Kalamata the first, Maniaki with the sacrifice of Papaflessas, Valtetsi, Tripoli, Dervenakia with the Nila of Dramalis where the strategic ability of Kolokotronis shone, Verga, Polyaravos where the Maniots humiliated the arrogance of Ibrahim, Gravia, Arachova and other places, where important battles took place in the 1821 Revolution.”

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