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21 lectures on 1821



21 lectures on 1821

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13 January–10 November 2021


The struggle of 1821 was tested on many levels: military, ideological, political, diplomatic, social. It showed stubbornness and endurance and ended up victorious with the creation of the first independent nation-state in Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean – the nation-state named Hellas – in 1830. The magnitude of the social and political changes that resulted from long-term action and developments allows the struggle for Greek Independence to be considered a revolution. The series of lectures entitled “21 lectures on 1821” are based on these facts. In this series, 20 professors of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with their 21 lectures, will try to analyse the context, to interpret the facts, to enlighten the developments so that the size and the importance of the many parameters of the Greek Revolution will be understood. The revolution which, 200 years ago, gave birth to the Greek state, laying the foundations of its course up to the present.

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